WIFI Total Radio! (Listen LIVE)

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I’m such a bonehead. Never bothered to link these because I headed off to China for two years just before the launch.


Listen live on TuneIn.

Listen live on Tumblr.

Twitter feed.

On Facebook.


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Geoff’s Window Relocation Services: An advertisement in a series I wrote based on the Jim’s Group I would see all the time around Sydney. One of the voices is mine.

A great new product. And useful, too! I’m the announcer.

I wrote this episode of the Police Blotter w/ McGuff, the Crime Pup. My buddy Carlos from Three Post makes a guest appearance.




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Geoff’s Home Screw Tightening Services: An advertisement in a series I wrote based on the Jim’s Group I would see all the time around Sydney. My voice is in there, too.

An interview with the inventor of a homemade rival to the Google Glass.

Gary Gaffney always covers sports. I do all the voices of the athletes in this update.

Ongoing Recording Sessions w/ WiFi Total Radio

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Thursday nights have been the typical nights for recording segments of the upcoming WiFi Total Radio podcast. I feel I’ve been *very* supportive in recruiting new voice talent to the cause, but tonight I think my cohort and the “brain” behind the project was just a bit too excited about our fresh meat and their contribution.

I felt a bit under-appreciated.

What better way to soothe the burn than with a traditional blog-post/whine.