My Role in Elizabeth Gunness

Film, Performance

From 2002-2004 I worked as an actor at the Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, South Carolina. At that time, they had a company of young actors called “journeymen” who were paid  a monthly stipend to audition for and play a variety of roles throughout the season, crew shows, and teach week-long Shakespeare residencies in the public school system. Great idea… now defunct for a number of years due to changing administration.

It was a valuable transition for me between an undergraduate education in Art and my later graduate studies in Acting. Just before I left for the PTTP at the University of Delaware in 2004, I acted in an independent film shot in and around Greenville entitled Elizabeth Gunness.

Below is a reel of some of my scenes from the film. I was a somewhat “slow” handyman named Stan who eventually is done in by the protagonist.