This Year of Passion

Design, My Year Without Violence

Well, my year without violence is not the big news I thought it might be. Life got bigger instead.

I was planning on giving an update on MYWV within a week of committing to it– instead I got caught up in some inspiring design projects that might go better under the title “This Year of Passion”, so here’s my preface.

Freelancing as an Illustrator (to Learn).

Artwork, Illustration

After my time working in Sydney, Australia for four years as an educator, I got back to my roots and started freelancing as an illustrator/content writer for educational resources with Teachers pay Teachers as well as The Academic Group in the UK.

A Comic Strip About Desires & Meaning.

Artwork, Comics

Adventures of Redd the Dog.

I penned this series in my lap circa 2008, between the end of my graduate school studies in acting and a move to New York City.

During that interim period I was working part-time installing security systems w/ a French-Jewish friend of my father who provided some great source material for the earlier part of the series: Adventures of Security Installation.

A Papermate felt-tipped pen and an old sketchpad filled the time driving between jobs. All true. For the most part.