Redd’s Journeys Continue…

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A summer back in the good old US of A after my first year living in China… finding my trusty old Sharpie and some paper in the old barn/studio at my parents’ home, I got to work on some new additions to the old series.

Old Redd is back to being a dog and there are some new sections, not-so-surprisingly: “Adventures of Living in Asia” and “Adventures of Middle-Aged Single Guy”.

I’m hoping one of the four readers of my blog with have a guffaw.

R.I.P. Glassy Sunhaters (Aug 2014 – May 2015)


I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, so here goes.

About a year ago, when purchasing some Fay(ke)-Bans from a counter in Phomn Penh’s Central Market, I reminisced about all my sunglasses of old… how many pairs I have owned, worn, lost, broken… how many stolen by mates, sat on, left on airplanes, fallen from head-perch… and I decided I should really start documenting their lives, no matter how long or short.

Glassy Sunhaters

I bought these at Apex Outfitters before leaving for Guangzhou (the “Miami of China”) because they were brown and only $15. A bit of a step up from $5-$9 gas station shades, these did the job of “leisure lenses” for a time, but the frames are made of that hard plastic that longs to shatter when dropped on pavement from my 189cm height, which is exactly what happened. The lenses hadn’t escaped some scuffing in its average lifespan (If I can hold onto a pair of sunglasses for a year, I’m happy), and the brown color had gradually been scuffed off in places where sweaty ears and nose touched. All in all, these were not so bad for me, and hip enough to endear me with young skater-posers in China. It’s possible to super-glue these boys back into functional shape, so they haven’t hit the bin yet. Perhaps they will reemerge once again in the future atop my head.


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Geoff’s Window Relocation Services: An advertisement in a series I wrote based on the Jim’s Group I would see all the time around Sydney. One of the voices is mine.

A great new product. And useful, too! I’m the announcer.

I wrote this episode of the Police Blotter w/ McGuff, the Crime Pup. My buddy Carlos from Three Post makes a guest appearance.



Bollards FC Crest

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This past Easter, a buddy of mine from college sent me a pic of him wearing the t-shirt from our intramural soccer team “back in the day”. I had designed the crest for it.


Newly inspired, I decided to redesign the crest for kicks and send out to our team.

Bollards FC 2014Referring to a important events in our collegiate life, the soccer ball and frisbee represented our intramural teams, the hexagon behind the frisbee referred to a large hexagonal piece of furniture* we had alleypicked and filled with ice and drinks for a party… it resided thereafter in the basement of our townhouse and was referred to as “the hex”. The grey alien was a nod to our love of the X-Files, and the bomb was what we were going to drop on our opponents. Bollards had been recently installed around campus (and had been stolen as pranks on various occasions and relocated around the school), and were chosen as our team name. Our motto was “$150 Fine For Passing A Bollard”.


* We were never really sure what the thing was. It had no top surface, but rather a deep inset halfway down with a hexagonal mirror for a surface at that point. The inset allowed us to fill the thing like a container with ice and drinks. It was probably some strange department store furnishing.


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Geoff’s Home Screw Tightening Services: An advertisement in a series I wrote based on the Jim’s Group I would see all the time around Sydney. My voice is in there, too.

An interview with the inventor of a homemade rival to the Google Glass.

Gary Gaffney always covers sports. I do all the voices of the athletes in this update.

Mr. Shuffles

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Shuffles Cover

Back in high school, a friend and I collaborated on a comic book in Anatomy class instead of listening to the lectures. We didn’t know what the comic book would be about, but simply worked on different pages, drawing a few boxes at a time, then trading off with one another to continue what the other had started. In time we somehow developed characters and brought all the events together in a [somewhat] coherent narrative. And Mr. Shuffles was born. If I remember correctly, Keith traded copies to a local c-store for cigarettes, and the c-store somehow sold them. We sold a few copies around the school, too. Off to different things after high school, we began a sequel, corresponding by mail. That sequel is still twenty years in the making.

In the Waning Days of Raleigh

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I’m headed to Guangzhou, China in about two weeks having signed a two-year contract developing the Drama program at a new international school there. Teaching affords the great opportunity of a stable job plus (in the right cases) time to continue working on side projects, as well as travel during breaks. I’ve been a professional teacher for five years now, and the structure works well for my current goals.

I left my position as Head Teacher of Creative Arts in Sydney last December, mountain biked around SE Asia and traveled to India for three months, then spent just under six months here in North Carolina, brushing up on my design and illustration skills, studying game design and developing a text adventure, playing soccer and watching the World Cup, and getting in dragon boating.

During this past half-year, I’ve been freelancing on Teachers Pay Teachers and People Per Hour as well as with Three Post in Raleigh. In these final weeks, I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on two projects with them: one for the Raleigh Convention Center and the other for Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s low-end server unit.

Final products to be seen within the month of August!