Video Highlights From a Drama/Theatre School Program in China

Directing, Performance, Teaching, Theatre

I’ve actually launched two separate theatre programs here in China, the most recent being for Alcanta International College (High School) in Guangzhou, which is an IB World school for years 9-12 in preparation for university abroad. Although we do have a number of foreign students, most of them are from mainland China.

The Drama program I started was for grades 9&10 as well as the “Intensive English Program” (IEP). Next year, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Theatre program will begin for elective students.

I’ve uploaded highlights from my students’ final performance project to Youtube. This project which was the culmination of work done throughout the year on fundamentals of acting: voice, speech, movement, breaking a scene into steps, actor’s focus, basic staging for an audience, textual analysis, plot structure and original narrative writing, Realism as a style, and drawing from personal passion and interests in order to select and develop a original text for performance.