This Year of Passion

Design, My Year Without Violence

Well, my year without violence is not the big news I thought it might be. Life got bigger instead.

I was planning on giving an update on MYWV within a week of committing to it– instead I got caught up in some inspiring design projects that might go better under the title “This Year of Passion”, so here’s my preface.

About a month ago, I was feeling a bit low. I was Skyping with my good friend Carlos back in the US and he recommended listening to Seth Godin’s Lynchpin, as he does every year. And so I did, and it was a very good reminder of things I know but am not operating on as I should be. For me, it was a basic reaffirmation of working out of my own great loves and passions, and just getting on with my own creation of products and content.

About the same time, I was renewing my passport at the American Consulate here in Guangzhou when I met another American who is doing manufacturing and sales out of Dongguan. Some of his products include the Velocity Clip and Skeleton Candles. Over lunch we got talking about some ideas, and to make a long story short, we quickly began collaborating. I met with him and a few of his foreign and Chinese partners in Dongguan the next weekend and we discussed various projects here in Guangdong, including manufactured products, events, and venues. We’ve started on a few projects and I will update as they emerge.

Working by myself, I launched into two other projects which using working titles I will call The Bag Idea and Greenworks.

Separate posts and pictures on those products soon. Promise.

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